Thursday, 3 July 2014

Explanation on consumer rights and businesses

                                    Consumers and Businesses Explanation 

I think I am at level 4 relational because I think I explain good information to people

Businesses and consumers have rights and responsibilities so everyone stays happy.Some acts are FTA(fair trading act) and CGA (consumer guarantees act).Businesses can lose trust in manufacturers and consumers lose trust in the businesses eg: someone buys a crunchie bar and it is just chocolate the consumer loses trust in the business and the business loses trust in the manafacturer.

Businesses can lose customers which can give them a bad name.That will make customers not want to go there if they sell faulty goods and when no one goes to the store the employees will leave because they didn't get payed and nobody bought anything then eventually the store will close forever.

Both businesses can lose trust.This happens when manafacturerers sell the business faulty goods and they get complaints from the consumers so it is like a domino affect that is started by the manafacturer.When the business finds out , they lose trust in the manafacturer so they probably won't buy any goods from there again.Consumers lose trust when the business sell the faulty goods or if the business misleads them 

Consumers lose time/confidence if the goods are faulty here is a example:If you went and bought a car and it broke down right after you bought it you would lose time when you have to fix it time after time.You would probably lose confidence in the business and you would lose even more money on a another car.Be weary when you buy goods because you never know if it is faulty.You will lose time confidence and money.

Businesses and consumers have their rights and responsibilities but most times it is only a minor issue and in the end you have to be carefull when buying goods

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