Thursday, 17 April 2014

Making Choices

Walt: make choices

So what: I learnt about making choices and the brain

Now what: not make the information too big so I could put more information 

We had to find information and make a poster you got to choose out of the brain or human body and I choose brain 

I am proud of my poster because I started my poster later then others but I got it finished in time

Big buddy draft letter

Walt: write a letter to our little buddy's parents

So what: I learned how to write a formal letter to someone 

Now what: rewrite paragraphs to make my letter better

I wrote a formal letter to my little buddy's parents and In term 2 we will have little buddy's to help them get used to Oaklands 

I am proud of my letter because we had 2 sessions of writing and I got my draft and published copy done

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Self regulated learning

Walt:  use self regulated learning

So What: I learnt about the ANZACs and the gallipoli war

Now what: use more colour and give more information 
We had to research some questions like how many ANZACs died at Gallipoli the answer is 11.421

I am proud of my ANZAC poster because I had to research about ANZACS and it was really hardto find reliable information