Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Leadership roles

Winter Sport In winter sport I have been sharing the ball round and encouraging my team mates. Our team came 3rd. Peer mediation In peer mediation i sorted out a argument over stealing soccer balls in the end everyone involved came to a agreement And the problem was sorted out. Pals In pals I have ran games for years fours and sixes We run a game every second week Last time we did a game of soccer it was a good game even though not many people joined in.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

My leadership Roles

I did peer mediation on Wednesday 
We had a problem of throwing ice
We used the steps for solving the
Problem it was not to hard to sort out
In the end the solution was to stay away from 
Each other

Colossal kiwi

We read a article on the Kiwi and the Elephant Bird and how they are related 
We had to answer these questions these are my answers

It was impossible for them to be related because they were 7.000 miles from each other and they is a huge weight and height difference but it was not impossible.

Scientists thought the kiwi was related to the cassowary and the emu.
The countries were separated by large land masses so the kiwi would have to fly.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Peace Poem


                                           What is peace
                                      Peace is being fun making jokes and puns war is for sore
                                      Losers so please don't go to war because you won't be cool

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Explanation on consumer rights and businesses

                                    Consumers and Businesses Explanation 

I think I am at level 4 relational because I think I explain good information to people

Businesses and consumers have rights and responsibilities so everyone stays happy.Some acts are FTA(fair trading act) and CGA (consumer guarantees act).Businesses can lose trust in manufacturers and consumers lose trust in the businesses eg: someone buys a crunchie bar and it is just chocolate the consumer loses trust in the business and the business loses trust in the manafacturer.

Businesses can lose customers which can give them a bad name.That will make customers not want to go there if they sell faulty goods and when no one goes to the store the employees will leave because they didn't get payed and nobody bought anything then eventually the store will close forever.

Both businesses can lose trust.This happens when manafacturerers sell the business faulty goods and they get complaints from the consumers so it is like a domino affect that is started by the manafacturer.When the business finds out , they lose trust in the manafacturer so they probably won't buy any goods from there again.Consumers lose trust when the business sell the faulty goods or if the business misleads them 

Consumers lose time/confidence if the goods are faulty here is a example:If you went and bought a car and it broke down right after you bought it you would lose time when you have to fix it time after time.You would probably lose confidence in the business and you would lose even more money on a another car.Be weary when you buy goods because you never know if it is faulty.You will lose time confidence and money.

Businesses and consumers have their rights and responsibilities but most times it is only a minor issue and in the end you have to be carefull when buying goods

Friday, 20 June 2014

My explanation on consumers and business

WALT:write a explanation on consumers ad businesses 

We are starting our explanation we had to get into helping circles and give each other feed back

I think I went well on my introduction because I could not think of a starter but then I did

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Grammar Sheet

We are learning about Apostrophes,capital letters and full stops.
This is my grammar sheet every week we do a different grammar sheet we mark it every Friday this one is on apostrophes. 
My next step is to always get it done and try to ace it

Describe map

Walt: write a describe map on the rights of businesses and consumers 
We had to do 3 of of each and the overall because because 
It was hard getting Examples on it but I only had one left to do 
My next step is it get all of it done and get the overall because because

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


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Synthesis Egg: Viruses

Walt:find select and retrieve information 


I think I went well on my synthesis egg Because I had to use my prior knowledge on computer viruses and human viruses it was hard because I didn't know much about computer viruses and human viruses.

Next step: do a synthesis egg and try to get more information on the text

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Story Pyramid

Walt: find select and retrieve information.

This is my story pyramid for the story Gemma Finds A Kiwi
You had to do separate words for Eg: the problem of the story.

Next step: 
Try doing the story pyramid on a harder text.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Chatham Island work sheet

Walt: find select and retrieve information.
So what: we learned about the morioris and the Chatham Islands.
We had to find the most important information from the text eg one chief said that they shall not fight to kill.that law was in place later on the law was they shall not fight to kill.
Last thing on the timeline was Tommy Solomon the last known person with full moriori descent dies in 1933.
I think I did well on my timeline and that I found the right information.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Making Choices

Walt: make choices

So what: I learnt about making choices and the brain

Now what: not make the information too big so I could put more information 

We had to find information and make a poster you got to choose out of the brain or human body and I choose brain 

I am proud of my poster because I started my poster later then others but I got it finished in time

Big buddy draft letter

Walt: write a letter to our little buddy's parents

So what: I learned how to write a formal letter to someone 

Now what: rewrite paragraphs to make my letter better

I wrote a formal letter to my little buddy's parents and In term 2 we will have little buddy's to help them get used to Oaklands 

I am proud of my letter because we had 2 sessions of writing and I got my draft and published copy done

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Self regulated learning

Walt:  use self regulated learning

So What: I learnt about the ANZACs and the gallipoli war

Now what: use more colour and give more information 
We had to research some questions like how many ANZACs died at Gallipoli the answer is 11.421

I am proud of my ANZAC poster because I had to research about ANZACS and it was really hardto find reliable information