Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dance Week 2

We have started doing dance practice for our Formal at the end of the year. We have been learning the steps for the Waltz and we learned the rock and roll reel.

Wellington Preparation

For Wellington Preparation the year 7/8s are  learning about Law,  New Zealand at War,   Parliament and The Treaty Of Waitangi. At the moment i'm learning about the Law. In Law we have been learning about the different types of courts in New Zealand those courts are The District court, the High court, the court of Appeal and the Supreme court. We also learnt what they deal with Eg: The High Court deals with crimes like Murder.                                                                                                                      

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Term 3 reflection

Things I have done well this term
1. Listening to the teacher on the mat
2. Trying my hardest in my learning
3.listen to the teacher when we are not at school eg; Koru Games

things I need to improve on
1. Getting my work done in quicker time
2. Choosing a good learning partner
3. not slacking off in Te Reo sessions


In math I have been converting standard form to ordinary form and the other way round it takes a bit to get the hang of it but now it is quite easy form me to do. I have yet to complete the process of mastering it. We are now doing geometry but we have not started it yet.


Last week I did Librarian, it was very quite because the talent show semi-final was on so there was not much people there and all we did was put books away and check a few peoples books out but it was quite fun looking through the yearbooks.

Te Reo

In Te Reo we have been learning about celebrations. We have been doing role play for a party video, In our group we have different parts to say. I have the easiest part because I only have to do one line then another line with one other person. Another common phrase we are learning is "He aha te mea, ki a koe kei to pati? this translates into "What do you like about your party?" the thing I like about my party is The Cake


For Reading it has been linked to our writing, so we have been reading poetry.when we read the poem we have a certain format to go by. One poem I read was was called "Erosion" it was a poem that rhymed it was a weird poem but it was also quite interesting.


This week in writing we have a 20 minute session for free choice writing. I wrote about The Amazing Football Shot. I think that I did well for the amount of time we got to complete it although It took me awhile to choose my Topic. over the last few weeks of this term we have been looking at different variety's of Poetry


In Discovery I have joined a group that is doing which is better Nike Or Adidas. We have been getting opinions from a variety of people, most of them say Nike but they do not have a reason which does not help us. We have also been searching the web for information that could help us decide.


In Science we had 4 different mystery powders that we had to test the stuff we tested the powders with were Iodine, Water, vinegar, red cabbage water and heat. It was a fun experiment. In my group we worked well together by giving everyone a turn. For me it was the best science activity

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games 2015

Over the last three days all the year 7/8s competed in a sports event called the Koru Games. Some sports were Football, Basketball, Netball And Touch Rugby.I really enjoyed playing with my team, watching all the other games and playing GoalKeeper sometimes. Thinking back to beginning of the year I have improved heaps in my passing and shooting because I was not that good at either of them and I improved heaps. Something I will remember is Our first game against Hornby High School Where we won 1-0 by a longshot, that was the only game we won

Friday, 14 August 2015

Writing Update

For writing we are writing arguments. My Argument topic is The World Is Unfair. Once we have published our writing we have to present it to the class. In writing time we have been playing games to do with speaking in front of the class, one of the games is called challenge. Challenge is where someone says a random topic and you have to speak about it fluently for one minute if you say um,ah or pause for 3 or more seconds someone can say challenge and try speak on the same topic without repeating what the person before said.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Learner License

I am on teacher because i have been off task. being on teacher means i have to sit in a certain spot for the whole day. If you work hard in one day you will go back up to the Next one.

My Measurement Work

Walt: Find Perimeter/Area of a shape
In class We have been focusing on Measurement Each time we master a skill we move on to what we have to master next i have completed Find Simple Angles and now i am onto Find perimeter/area of a shape i am finding it quite easy to do.

My Career Work

We have been doing careers work on our chosen career. My chosen career is to be a Doctor because I have always liked helping people when they're in need.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Reading

WALT: Infer meaning from text 
This is A weeks worth of reading you have to complete a prediction sheet, a grammar sheet and follow up activities

Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Leadership Roles

I have been doing Peer mediation today my group had no problems to sort out,so it was a good day.Last week we had a problem of people taking toys in the sandpit,the solution was that the person who took the toy gave it back in return for a different toy.Other than that there was no more problems to be sorted out.